This post is near enough a whole week late but I haven't found the time at all to write it in the last 7 days! Since I'm currently residing in Britain's ocean city of Plymouth, I decided to take a walk down from the city centre to The Hoe and around the Barbican. I mean, … Continue reading MCMXCI


One More Day.

Today is Sunday, making it the last day of the week and therefore, the last day of Suicide Prevention Week. Notice how it's 'Prevention' instead of 'Awareness' as they are usually titled? I feel like that's because we are already so aware of the suicides going on all around the world however it isn't being … Continue reading One More Day.

Book Review: Taboo – Thomas Piggott

I usually only read autobiographies of those that I've heard of before, usually my favourite celebrities or subjects that interest me whereas this particular book isn't one that I would normally read, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The book follows a young Thomas in his childhood, with intense description of the sexual abuse horrors that he … Continue reading Book Review: Taboo – Thomas Piggott

#GGBlogChallenge Introduction

I was aimlessly scrolling through my WordPress reader the other day when I came across someone who was partaking in the #GGBlogChallenge, unfortunately, I can’t remember who’s blog I saw it on so I can’t link them to it but I was really interested in what this blog challenge was, so after a little bit … Continue reading #GGBlogChallenge Introduction

Mental Health in Schools (Trigger Warning)

Every day, there are around 11 teenage suicides within the UK, which means that about 3,916 die by suicide every single year, and 3,916 families are horrifically affected. Going by the knowledge that these are teenage suicides, I would assume that this means that they are 13-18, so if they are at school for 9/10 … Continue reading Mental Health in Schools (Trigger Warning)

Suicide Squad – Movie Review

Suicide Squad Director: David Ayer Distributed by: Warner Bros Pictures Running Time: 123 Minutes Cinema Release Date: 5th August 2016     I've never really been too interested in DC comics as I much prefer Marvel, and I guess you could say I'm more of a Spider-Man girl but when from I've read of the … Continue reading Suicide Squad – Movie Review


Monday 24th August 1998, 1:06pm. That marked my birth. The day that I was brought into this world.  Wednesday 24th August 2016, 1:06pm. That marks my 18th. The day that I have been on this earth for 18 years. I don't really know how I feel about this, because in most people's eyes, 18 years … Continue reading 18

Top Favourite Disney Movies

Disney is arguably one of the greatest film-making companies in history, as well as setting the stone for animation movies in general, and a number of their films, dating back as far as 1950, are considered as classics to this day, loved by many around the world, that's why I decided to make perhaps the … Continue reading Top Favourite Disney Movies

Know Your Worth

Sometimes it's hard to see when you are being taken advantage of, and one too often, we are blinded by a smoke screen of love or a strong sense of friendship. It doesn't matter whether it's been a lover or a friend, everyone at some point has had their good nature taken advantage of, or … Continue reading Know Your Worth


Hey guys, I'm aware that I haven't posted any new blog posts in a couple of days but that will soon change! In the meantime, I have since made a Bloglovin account, so please go and check that out and give me a little follow so you have another way of keeping up with my … Continue reading Bloglovin