Mental Health in Schools (Trigger Warning)

Every day, there are around 11 teenage suicides within the UK, which means that about 3,916 die by suicide every single year, and 3,916 families are horrifically affected. Going by the knowledge that these are teenage suicides, I would assume that this means that they are 13-18, so if they are at school for 9/10 … Continue reading Mental Health in Schools (Trigger Warning)


The Caterpillar Became a Butterfly

Trigger warning: This blog post mentions self harm, depression and suicidal tendencies. I honestly can’t believe that I’m even sat here typing this out. I’m a fairly private person in a way that I don’t want to come across as attention seeking or any of that, however I feel that sometimes, it’s nice to find … Continue reading The Caterpillar Became a Butterfly