Thank You Lauren.

I'm sure you've all heard by now about either the photograph, or her coming out this morning. If you haven't already guessed, then I'm talking Lauren Jauregui. Now, whether she was outed or not, we could argue about all day but that's not what this post is about. This post is about bravery. About courage. … Continue reading Thank You Lauren.



Monday 24th August 1998, 1:06pm. That marked my birth. The day that I was brought into this world.  Wednesday 24th August 2016, 1:06pm. That marks my 18th. The day that I have been on this earth for 18 years. I don't really know how I feel about this, because in most people's eyes, 18 years … Continue reading 18

Top Favourite Disney Movies

  Disney is arguably one of the greatest film-making companies in history, as well as setting the stone for animation movies in general, and a number of their films, dating back as far as 1950, are considered as classics to this day, loved by many around the world, that's why I decided to make perhaps … Continue reading Top Favourite Disney Movies

Know Your Worth

Sometimes it's hard to see when you are being taken advantage of, and one too often, we are blinded by a smoke screen of love or a strong sense of friendship. It doesn't matter whether it's been a lover or a friend, everyone at some point has had their good nature taken advantage of, or … Continue reading Know Your Worth


This past year, I've learnt a lot about forgiveness. I used to be notorious for holding grudges against those who did me wrong, and it would eat me up inside for a so many weeks, months and years, until I realised, for each and every person that I forgave, I healed a wound of my … Continue reading Forgiveness

Birthdays and The Cursed Child

Today is a special day. Not purely for myself but for a number of other people who's lives have been touched by Harry Potter, all around the world. Today is the day that the much awaited eighth book in the Harry Potter series is released. A book that has been wanted by many for so … Continue reading Birthdays and The Cursed Child

25 – Review

Unless you've been living under a rock then I assume that you already know about Adele's comeback the music industry, after a three year hiatus following the release of her single Skyfall, for the James Bond movie under the same name, and my oh my, did she come back with a bang! This was a … Continue reading 25 – Review

I Love You

Three words, eight letters. Yet with such small numbers, they have the ability to make someone smile, or perhaps even save a life. I've seen all around the internet that a huge number of people feel that the words, 'I love you', are thrown around far too easily at other people, however, I feel that … Continue reading I Love You

Measured In Pounds

Anorexia is a common mental illness that just simply isn’t fully understood by today’s society. Many people believe that others ‘choose’ to suffer from this for attention when in true reality, this is actually a very serious mental illness. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘An emotional disorder characterised by an obsessive desire to lose … Continue reading Measured In Pounds

Letting Go Is Tough

Letting go is tough. It's quite possibly one of the hardest things anyone can do, perhaps, because we fear that if we let go then the same thing won't happen again twice in your lifetime. Letting go hurts, I'm not going to lie. Do you know why it hurts so much? it's because you're forced … Continue reading Letting Go Is Tough