Learning To Love Again

Getting your heart broken after a relationship ending is a given. It happens. You spend days, maybe weeks, sat in front of episode after episode of Friends with a tub of Ben and Jerry's and a thousand tears streaming down your face and then slowly but surely your heart begins to heal and before you … Continue reading Learning To Love Again


‘But She Loves Me..’

'But she loves me..'. A sentence that I heard leave my lips one too many times when my family and friends tried to explain the impact that they could see my ex girlfriend was having on me. Their exclaims of 'You haven't self harmed in over a year, and now this!', 'All you're doing is … Continue reading ‘But She Loves Me..’

To The Little Girl In The Picture

To The Little Girl In The Picture,  Hey kid, I guess you could say this is a bit weird huh? Me from the future, writing to you back there on the carousel. The thing that I'm instantly drawn to every time I look at the picture, is your smile. It's so innocent. So pure and … Continue reading To The Little Girl In The Picture


Dear Parents,

Dear Parents, I hope when your child says ‘I don’t want to go to school today’ you hear her. I hope you notice the way her words cut through the air like she is pronouncing them with such heft, than they cannot be supported by her own breath. I hope you do not answer her … Continue reading Dear Parents,


To The Next Girl Who Pursues My Heart

To the next girl who pursues my heart, I want to start by saying sorry. Not a good start huh? but it’s something that needs to be said. I want to start by apologising for the trust issues that I will carry with me. It will have nothing to do with you, I just have … Continue reading To The Next Girl Who Pursues My Heart


How To Survive A Break Up

Everyone has either gone through one, or will go through one at some point in their lives, and I'm not going to sugar coat it for you. it hurts. It feels like Satan's way of destroying you completely. It's extremely common after a break up, to be feeling heart broken, lonely, confused, vulnerable and desperately … Continue reading How To Survive A Break Up


Letting Go Is Tough

Letting go is tough. It's quite possibly one of the hardest things anyone can do, perhaps, because we fear that if we let go then the same thing won't happen again twice in your lifetime. Letting go hurts, I'm not going to lie. Do you know why it hurts so much? it's because you're forced … Continue reading Letting Go Is Tough