Beauty and the Beast – Film Review

In the past, I've held back from watching Disney's live action remakes of old classics because I didn't want to see them ruin the films for what they were so when I heard that they were remaking one of my favourite Disney classics, I was a little aprehensive but decided to give it a go, … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast – Film Review


Defining Beauty

The whole world is obsessed on the definition of what beauty is and it gives outrageous standards that something must be perfect in order to be considered as beautiful, but why not get rid of this concept of what beauty is and simply celebrate people for who they are? The definition of beautiful, is as … Continue reading Defining Beauty

Measured In Pounds

Anorexia is a common mental illness that just simply isn’t fully understood by today’s society. Many people believe that others ‘choose’ to suffer from this for attention when in true reality, this is actually a very serious mental illness. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘An emotional disorder characterised by an obsessive desire to lose … Continue reading Measured In Pounds