Top Apps of 2017 | Blogmas Day Nine

When I'm sitting in and all cosy on an evening, I love to just scroll through many different blogs and more often than not, I find myself reading up on other peoples favourite apps, and what they've been using most so to give me an idea as to more apps that I might like to … Continue reading Top Apps of 2017 | Blogmas Day Nine


Mental Health at Christmas Time | Blogmas Day Five

Christmas is just around the corner, and this time of year can be an extremely challenging time for our stress levels, and even more so for those of us that are struggling with our mental health. Our routines are disrupted, and the situations and things that we take for granted are also disrupted by the … Continue reading Mental Health at Christmas Time | Blogmas Day Five

Dear Parents,

Dear Parents, I hope when your child says ‘I don’t want to go to school today’ you hear her. I hope you notice the way her words cut through the air like she is pronouncing them with such heft, than they cannot be supported by her own breath. I hope you do not answer her … Continue reading Dear Parents,

We’re Not Cars. (Potential Trigger Warning)

People seem to have the misconception that once you're discharged from counselling or any type of therapy that you're suddenly better. Like the psychologist or doctor just snaps their fingers and you're fine over night but that's not how it works at all. When your cars broken, you take it to the mechanic, he repairs … Continue reading We’re Not Cars. (Potential Trigger Warning)

Mental Health in Schools (Trigger Warning)

Every day, there are around 11 teenage suicides within the UK, which means that about 3,916 die by suicide every single year, and 3,916 families are horrifically affected. Going by the knowledge that these are teenage suicides, I would assume that this means that they are 13-18, so if they are at school for 9/10 … Continue reading Mental Health in Schools (Trigger Warning)

Not Sick Enough

It's a highly anticipated fact that people within the mental health community have to constantly fight against the stigmas that are constantly being pushed onto them by society. Most of this stigmas make mental illnesses seem as if they're not a big deal, and make numerous jokes about them. This type of stigma causes those … Continue reading Not Sick Enough

Defining Beauty

The whole world is obsessed on the definition of what beauty is and it gives outrageous standards that something must be perfect in order to be considered as beautiful, but why not get rid of this concept of what beauty is and simply celebrate people for who they are? The definition of beautiful, is as … Continue reading Defining Beauty

Mental Health Education

Education is a huge part of everyone's life. Whether it be English, Science, Mathematics or any other subject that you may find on your school timetable, education serves as a force for how our world continues to function. School is most commonly known as the place where people get the most education. All the way … Continue reading Mental Health Education

‘Panic attack’ is not an adjective.

A common phrase that is thrown about is 'Oh my god, I think I just had a panic attack!'. This type of phrase is chucked into conversations when someone is perhaps feeling a little nervous or apprehensive about a something. If you are one of these people who uses this sentence in this manner then … Continue reading ‘Panic attack’ is not an adjective.

Measured In Pounds

Anorexia is a common mental illness that just simply isn’t fully understood by today’s society. Many people believe that others ‘choose’ to suffer from this for attention when in true reality, this is actually a very serious mental illness. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘An emotional disorder characterised by an obsessive desire to lose … Continue reading Measured In Pounds