Straight Pride

I’m sure I’ve written a post about this before, but I feel like I need to do it again, and I will do it every single year that it needs to be written, until people realise why they don’t have straight pride. Why straight pride does not exist. Why it just isn’t important.

The amount of times I’ve heard ‘You get a whole month for pride! Why don’t we get just one day?!’. I’ll tell you why you don’t get just one day. Because even a month isn’t enough justice for the fight that the LGBT+ community are forced to fight everyday.

Pride isn’t about drag queens, and streets dressed to the nines in all colours of the rainbow. It’s about the remembrance of the lives that have been lost in hate crimes. Police raids. The lives that have been lost, for fighting for our rights.

Pride is about fighting for our rights, and not our right for a marriage certificate, but our right to exist in this world. The right to show our partners affection in public without fear of being met with a sea of stares. The right to just be who we are, without being met by persecution and judgement.

Pride is about all the kids I watched take off their pride stickers, hide their pride flags and scrub mercilessly at the face paint on their face, on the train home so they don’t get jumped. It’s about how we should be allowed to go into an LGBT+ bar, a safe space meant for our community, without having to worry about being on the news the following day because of a massacre that took place.

Pride is about how our events got bombed last year. How there’s protesters with signs, telling us that we’re wrong. That we shouldn’t exist. That our existence, is an abomination to human nature.

Pride was not born out of our need to celebrate being who we are but instead to fight for our right to exist with persecution, so, instead of making jokes and wondering why there isn’t a straight pride movement, just be damn thankful that you don’t need one.

Pride is about the remembrance of those who died fighting our fight. A fight that we continue on, in their legacy.




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