It’s Been A While..

I’m pretty sure all my posts are beginning to start with that title at the minute but just bare with me, I actually do have a good reason this time as to why I haven’t posted in a long time, and by a long time, I mean last November or something..

Firstly, I’ll be completely honest and just say that I haven’t found the time, or rather that this blog hasn’t been a complete priority at the minute. My life has been pretty hectic in the past few months, for example, I finally finished my training at the onshore establishment and I’m now on a ship, carrying on my training and apprenticeship onboard so most of those months was either spent spending time with my family before I left, or getting things ready and organised for when I joined the ship.

Secondly, I’m just completely disorganised. That’s the truth and I’m not going to deny it, I am the most disorganised person in the world, although, I’ve since invested in a journal which is helpful with organising my disorganised life and so I’m hoping that it’ll help me organise this blog more and enable me to plan posts, when to post them, that kind of jazz.

And finally, I have been wanting to post for atleast 2 weeks or so, but unfortunately, in the 21st century, we afford to put millions of pounds worth of weapons on vessels and Sky television when out at sea but are unable to provide the crew with WiFi, which means to post, I have to pop over to the McDonalds across the road in my spare time, so I’ve decided that when I have spare time onboard, I’m going to write a batch of posts, save them, and then schedule them when I go across the road rather than posting one by one so that, hopefully, this blog finally has a consistent schedule, so.. let’s see how this goes..


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