Thank You Lauren.

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about either the photograph, or her coming out this morning. If you haven’t already guessed, then I’m talking Lauren Jauregui.

Now, whether she was outed or not, we could argue about all day but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about bravery. About courage.
When that photograph was released to the public, Lauren could of retreated into the background completely, or gone on a twitter rant as most celebrities do these days, however she did none of these things. Yes, she didn’t tweet for a fair while but she still went out, she still had a good time, she was seen on a friends snapchat, smiling and having fun.

This morning, a letter was released by Billboard however it was written completely by Lauren, herself. On twitter, Lauren has been fairly vocal about her feelings as Trump being elected as the President of the United States, and she was no different in this letter either, explaining how Trump had attacked her gender, sexuality and ethnicity, however this letter wasn’t a coming out letter at all, it was simply Lauren explaining how she feels and the only mention of her sexuality was her saying ‘I’m a bisexual Cuban-American woman and I’m proud of that’. That was it. That was the only mention of her sexuality. That makes me happy in the fact that she has recognised that her sexuality wasn’t the only important part of her, but her ethnicity and her gender too.

Once I had seen those words on my screen this morning, I cried. I sat in my bed and I straight up cried. This was someone that I have looked up to for over a year. Someone who got me interested in Feminism and the rights that I am entitled to. Someone who taught me that it’s okay to speak out about issues that you’re passionate about and it’s okay to speak out against those that attack the things that make you, you. As someone who has been struggling with with my own sexuality for a long long time, to see Lauren go from someone who ranted on Tumblr about how she’s not bisexual and doesn’t like girls, to feel comfortable within herself to say I’m bisexual and I’m proud.. that makes me so incredibly proud of her and so incredibly proud to have her as someone to look up to.

What does make me a little sad and annoyed is that people are choosing to make this situation about Camren. In no way is this about Camren or Camila. This is about supporting Lauren and celebrating her. Now, whether she is with Lucy or not is something that is completely irrelevant to anyone but them and their nearest and dearest, either way, I wish them both happiness together or apart.

Thank you Lauren, for validating hundreds or thousands of people’s sexuality, for speaking out about issues that others are too scared to and for being for you. Never change.



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