When Will We Have a ‘Straight Pride’?

A phrase that I have heard one too many times and if you even have to ask that question then please, go and educate yourself on history. Read a book, search the internet.. whatever you have to do to understand why this question should not leave your mouth at all, or why the thought should not even enter your brain although, if you don’t want to do any of that, then I’ll tell you right here when we’ll have a straight pride, so you don’t even need to leave this website.

We’ll have a straight pride when straight people do not have their bars and social clubs turned upside down by police and beaten half to death because of who they identify as and who they love, as so many of our LGBT+ ancestors had to endure.

We’ll have a straight pride when straight people start getting heterophobic remarks announced at them across the street when they are going about their daily business and when they lose jobs, opportunities or are disowned by their families purely because they choose to love someone of the opposite sex.

We’ll have a straight pride when straight people have to fight for their right to get married, whether it be in the house of God, or not and when they have to justify their reasons for wanting to marry the person that they love and want to spend the rest of their life with. We’ll also have one when a straight person is told that they cannot visit their partner in hospital because they are neither family nor are they married to them.

We’ll have a straight pride when straight people have to fight discrimination daily and when they are subjected to derogatory jokes based on their sexual preferences.

Gay pride does not exist to celebrate being gay, but to celebrate our right to exist in this world without persecution so if you’re sat there, still wondering why there isn’t a straight pride movement? Just be damn thankful that you don’t need one.


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