This post is near enough a whole week late but I haven’t found the time at all to write it in the last 7 days!

Since I’m currently residing in Britain’s ocean city of Plymouth, I decided to take a walk down from the city centre to The Hoe and around the Barbican. I mean, it was a sunny day, I was bored and no one else in my class wanted to do anything so off I went on my own little adventure. If I’m truthful, sometimes I prefer my own company anyway.

My first port of call was the Plymouth Naval Memorial. My great grandfather was a First Stoker back in the Second World War and unfortunately went down with the ship but his name is still on the memorial alongside thousands who are down in the history books as Britain’s heroes, and as part of the Naval service myself, I just felt like it was only right to pay a visit and take a wonder around the memorial and just pay my respects. I also stumbled across a little memorial for the aircrew during the Second World War however it was a little hard to get through as I had chosen to visit The Hoe on the day where all the students were moving into Plymouth University so the entire grass area was ram packed.

After my visit, I then took a little walk down to the Barbican and on my way, I found even more people lining the walls that took up the space of the entire cliff face. Naturally, being a nosy person, I wondered over to a spare spot on the wall to see what all the fuss was about and was greeted with the sight of around 20 sailing boats belonging to Plymouth’s Yacht Association, stretched across the water as far as the eye could see.

There was a finish line at the end of this journey though and this finish line was Dust N Bones tattoo parlour on the Barbican. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but obviously I’ve never been old enough and I never really knew what I actually wanted although when I turned 18 I began to seriously think about it. I knew I wanted something for my parents but I didn’t want the classic ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ tattoos. I wanted something that joined them together and something that not many people would understand the meaning of, making it personal to me.. although I’m not sure that made any sense..

Earlier this year, my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, meaning that they got married and began our family in 1991 so naturally that was the date I chose, however I decided to have it in roman numerals, just to make it personal like I mentioned before because not everyone will be able to look at it and know straight away what it means. Personally, I ‘m quite happy with it and the guy who did it, whose name I never
managed to catch unfortunately, was fantastic and made me feel at ease throughout the whole procedure. Whether I’ll get anymore tattoos or not is something I’m not sure of but either way, I would recommend Dust N Bones to anyone if you’re in the Plymouth area.

I took a far few photographs on my travels that day, and I’ll be posting a few on Instagram over the coming days and there are already a couple on there which you can see here.





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