Book Review: Taboo – Thomas Piggott


I usually only read autobiographies of those that I’ve heard of before, usually my favourite celebrities or subjects that interest me whereas this particular book isn’t one that I would normally read, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The book follows a young Thomas in his childhood, with intense description of the sexual abuse horrors that he had to ordain from someone who was supposed to be a trusted authority, and how these events had a domino effect into his adulthood life.

“You can bury a secret but you cannot bury the truth”

The book itself begins with Thomas explaining why he’s writing the book and what he hopes to gain from laying his thoughts down onto paper for the world to see and read, which I personally quite liked as I often find myself reading someone’s book and wondering ‘Whats the point?’ and ‘Why have you chosen to tell the world this?’, however straight from the off, I got the impression that he was writing the book in order to make those who have gone through the sane thing feel less alone, and to perhaps help himself get it all out of his mind rather than locking it up deep inside his ‘memory box’ as he calls it.

I also feel that while he goes into intense detail about some of the ‘taboo’ subjects within this book, he is very real about it all and doesn’t try to sugarcoat it which I personally like, because it’s giving the reader the raw truth of it all and letting you into Thomas’ mind in that exact moment.

“Not only will the scars on her wrist remain forever but also the scars in her mind that will never go away”

I think that my favourite thing about this book is that there aren’t many like it, that allow the reader into the authors mind completely, and there aren’t many books that show the reader the complete vulnerability of the author without each page shouting ‘Feel sorry for me!’. I feel that this book shows exactly what kind of domino effect, childhood sexual abuse has on a victim and while people may say ‘That was … years ago, get over it’, the book shows how, no matter how many years later, the events still have an effect on every day life, relationships and mental health.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and everything it had to offer. If you have a couple of hours or so to spare, I definitely recommend that you give it a read.

You can find Taboo by Thomas Piggott here:



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