Top Favourite Disney Movies


Disney is arguably one of the greatest film-making companies in history, as well as setting the stone for animation movies in general, and a number of their films, dating back as far as 1950, are considered as classics to this day, loved by many around the world, that’s why I decided to make perhaps the most unoriginal blog idea of stating my top favourite Disney movies but I guess in a away, that’s another reason that makes Disney so great. The fact that this has been going around for years and yet every single person has a different list than the people before them, so, without further or do, here are my top favourite Disney movies (In no particular order).

Beauty and The Beast (1991)

I think it’s safe to say that Beauty and The Beast is perhaps one of Disney’s best romance movies, especially in regards to the fact that Belle falls in love with the beat’s personality rather than his looks which I feel like is a brilliant lesson. As well as this, every single song in this film is fun and memorable and the animation is also some of the best from Disney and it still stands as one of Disney’s best much loved classics today.

Lilo and Stitch (2002)

There are so many reasons as to why I love this film. It’s such an emotional and raw movie, and while it is a far cry from many of other Disney movies by being mainly Sci-Fi, it’s also entirely relateable and the troubles that Lilo and Nani go through happen to a some people all around the world, and while Nani may be an adult, they still fight, therefore making their relationship very realistic. Whilst it also being a sci-fi and slightly comedic film at some points, it also has very heart-wrenching scenes, such as the hints that are dropped as to what happened to their parents. This movie takes a very real issue that’s happening to many families around the world today and putting a sci-fi twist on it, with the much loved character of Stitch.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)

I definitely feel like this is one of Disney’s underrated films. The film is set during the London Blitz and while this plays a huge part in the movie, it’s not the entire central plot if that makes sense. This film is often compared to Mary Poppins due to its live action and animation mix, as well as sharing some of the same actors, and also having songs written by The Sherman Brothers, which also means that the songs are just as brilliant and just as catchy! I thoroughly recommend that everyone watches this film!

Tangled (2010)

When I first heard that this film was coming out, I had absolutely no desire to watch it because I felt like it would just be another film based on a fairy tale that would simply ruin the fairy tale however when it came out on DVD, my friend handed me the film and told me to simply go home and watch it, and I completely and utterly loved it. It does stay true to the fairy tale in some parts however it is a very loose interpretation and is full of comedy, and also is the most expensive Disney film to create to date and you can honestly tell. The animation is brilliant and the songs are also very catchy, with a few emotional ones in there. It wouldn’t be a Disney film without emotional songs right?

Pete’s Dragon (1977)

This is another Disney film that I feel is ridiculously underrated. Whilst this film had mixed reviews after it’s release, I personally, love this film and it’s heartwarming storyline. At the beginning, we see Pete fleeing an abusive foster family and so, watching his bond and relationship with Elliot grow during the film is such a lovely thing to witness. This is by far, one of my favourite Disney films, and I’m not going to lie, when I first saw the trailer for the live action film that Disney have remade of it, I was quite disappointed. From the trailer, it looks as though they haven’t stuck to the story at all, and I was a little disappointed that they hadn’t mentioned that it was based off of this original film either because I feel like so many more people should see this film.

So, that’s my top favourite Disney films. There are a few more but we’d be here forever if I had to mention every single Disney film that I love!

Which Disney films are your favourite?



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