Know Your Worth

Sometimes it’s hard to see when you are being taken advantage of, and one too often, we are blinded by a smoke screen of love or a strong sense of friendship.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s been a lover or a friend, everyone at some point has had their good nature taken advantage of, or their worth has simply been knocked down due to a mental image that they have created of themselves in a response to how this person has treated them.

An example that springs to mind straight away is Eponine from the long running musical, 14089336_566201910234166_1189805842_nLes Miserables and the classic novel by Victor Hugo. If you’ve seen the musical then you’ll know that Eponine is completely blinded with love for Marius, to the extent that she pretends to be male just to fight alongside him at the barricades and essentially dies at the hands of her love for Marius while all this time, he’s in love with Cosette.

The point I’m making about this, is that Eponine is so much in love with Marius that she begins to forget her own worth and allows the smoke screen of love to completely take over her mind. She forgets that she is a person without Marius and essentially dedicates every waking moment to thinking about him. To attempting to get him to see her worth.  It made no sense for Eponine to be second in Marius’ life when she could have been first in someone else’s.

I’m aware that real life isn’t the same as this, and you aren’t likely to die at a barricade any time soon but the point I’m trying to make is that if you aren’t being treated with love and respect then perhaps you should check your price tag because you’ve most likely marked yourself down. Once you realise just how much you’re worth, then you’ll stop giving others discounts.

It’s perfectly okay to walk away from someone who isn’t treating you the way that you deserve to be treated and find someone who treats you 10 times better. Walking away has nothing to do with weakness, however, it has everything to do with strength. Sometimes, we walk away, not because we want other to realise our worth but because we have finally realised our own and that is what is important.

People will learn how to treat you based on what you accept from them, and what you allow to continue, just make sure to never start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you. Know your worth, even if they don’t.




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