25 – Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then I assume that you already know about Adele’s comeback the music industry, after a three year hiatus following the release of her single Skyfall, for the James Bond movie under the same name, and my oh my, did she come back with a bang! This was a much awaited album for many fans and she certainly did fulfill expectations.

1) Hello – This was the first single ever released from this album and personally, I believe that Adele made a very smart move with it. Not only did this surprise release get people excited for long awaited album, but the first lines of the song itself, was turned into an internet meme, almost a matter of hours after the release of the single.

2) Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – This song has been on repeat since I brought the album and I think it’s safe to say that it’s my favourite. It’s very catchy, and is often said to be the ‘Rumour Has It’ on this album.

3) I Miss You – Personally, I’m not too keen on this song, I think it’s the instruments used and the beginning of the song that I don’t like. The lyrics are fine, it just doesn’t feel like they fit with the words and almost as if it were a last minute put-together.

4) When We Were Young – I feel like this is perhaps the most emotional song on the album. Within the song, she’s singing about a past relationship, as most of her songs generally are, but it’s in a nostalgic way and it really does bring a lump to my throat when I hear it.

5) Remedy – This song doesn’t really sound like an ‘Adele’ song as it were, however the reason I love this song, is if you listen to the lyrics closely, it sounds like it’s about and for her son which makes the song itself even more beautiful

6) Water Under The Bridge – This one’s another emotional song, however, I love the beat that’s going on in the background behind her voice and I feel like this could perhaps be another single that she could release.

7) River Lea – I don’t know why but I’m not particularly a huge fan of this song. The first verse just sounds very bland and when the beat kicks in, it seems to drown out her voice which a shame, however, I’ve only listened to the album once so it may well grow on me.

8) Love In The Dark – I feel like this song is perhaps the ‘B-Side’ to Water Under The Bridge, as WUTB seems to be a song about a mutual agreement to end a relationship however this one seems to be about her not wanting to carry on with a relationship while he respective partner is begging her to stay. This is the kind of aspect that I love in Adele’s songs. The fact that they carry a story within the lyrics.

9) Million Years Ago – This song itself is about much more than just a past lover but on how she was when she was younger, and being nostalgic over her younger years and the sense of security that she had at that age, while also regretting some of the things she did and didn’t do. It’s an extremely sad song but also very relatable to pretty much everyone.

10) All I Ask – The first time I heard this song was on James Corden’s Car Pool Karaoke that he did with Adele, on YouTube, in which you can check it out here. As soon as I heard that song on the video, I was immediately in love with it and listening to the entire song on the album.. I’m even more in love with it. I feel like this is 25’s version of Someone Like You. It’s such a sad song but it’s such a beautiful one at that.

11) Sweetest Devotion – This was an absolutely beautiful song to bring closure to the album with and although I feel like it was a sort of homage to her son, I love how it’s left open to interpretation.

All together, I think this is a beautiful album with a strong collection of songs one after another. Adele was under pressure from the entire world to deliver a show stopping album and she certainly pulled through and exceeded everyone’s exceptions, or mine at least. It never normally happens that I fall in love with every single song on an album however, with this one, I did.

I very much recommend that you purchase it and give it a listen for yourself, and you can buy it on Amazon here, and let me know what you think if you’ve already bought it!


Sophia x


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