Strange Things Occur

Strange things happen in life that sometimes, we just can’t explain.

One of this happened to me, around this time last month and I still can’t understand how this happened. Allow me to set the scenario. The entirety of my family, except from my mum, my dad and I, live in Derbyshire. Unfortunately, my grandmother is currently going through chemotherapy and so, naturally, my mum and I wanted to go and see her. My dad couldn’t come so it was just us too, together, with the dog, on a round about 2 and a half hour journey. I tried to stay awake, but due to my lack of sleep and excess watching of Pretty Little Liars, the night before, I fell asleep around the hour mark.

While I was asleep, my mum discovered the breaks were being
temperamental, obviously, I was asleep so I was oblivious to what was actually happening. My mum is one of those people that puts everyone before herself, including their safety, so as she came behind a lorry, as the lights were on yellow, she hoped that the lights would go green, the lorry would go, and all would be okay but that didn’t happen, so her immediate reaction was to save me, so she swerved to the left, meaning that the corner of the lorry went imagestraight through her windshield. The picture on the right is the ordeal after myself and another gentleman had managed to get my mum out of the car.

Now like I said, I was oblivious to this, as I was asleep, however the strange thing that happened was just before the lorry came straight through the windshield, I woke up, and just pulled my mum towards me, out of the way of the corner of the lorry, in which, the emergency services who were at the scene, said that, had I not done such an action, that she may have been in such a critical condition, or should I dare say, have passed away there and then. I deem it strange and understandable, because I still can’t work out what woke me up and what made me pull her towards me, considering I didn’t hear the impact of the lorry or anything. My mum and I, also made it out of the wreckage, with her, a bump to the head and the teeniest cut on her hand, and me, with a little burn from the airbag on my back.

After seeing the image, and seeing the tiny injuries that my mother and I had sustained, everyone has said that they can’t believe that we both made it out without more injuries. A number has said that someone was looking down on us, on that day, and I’m starting to believe it. I mean, I am a Christian, however, I’m a complicated Christian, if you will. I believe in the Big Bang Theory, but I believe in the word of Jesus Christ. I told you that I was a complicated Christian, but that’s another blog post for a rainy day..

Nevertheless, that day made me realise just how much my mum means to me. If I had lost her that day, then I honestly don’t know what I would of done. We fight like cat and dog some days but she really is my best friend.

Sophia x

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One Response to Strange Things Occur

  1. This post is really inspiring! It must be so nice to know that your mum saved your life, and you saved her’s. I’m also a Christian, and I can’t think of any way you two could have gotten out of that crash so lucky without someone or something looking out for you. ❤


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