On The Other Side – Review

Some of you may have heard of Miss Carrie Hope Fletcher before. Perhaps for her musical theatrical roles as Eponine or Truly Scrumptious, or you may know her from her evergrowing YouTube channel, or maybe, you simply know her as Tom Fletcher’s younger sister, however, regardless of how you may know her, it is very hard to deny just how talented this young woman really is.

Just over a year after releasing her first book, Her second book, being her first fiction book, has been released.

On The Other Side is a fictional novel, with a love story like no other.
At 82 years old, Evie Snow passes away in her sleep and finds herself in her old apartment building, at 27 years old, before finding out that in order to pass on to her ‘happy place’, she must let go of what is weighing her soul down. Her three secrets that she has kept throughout all of her life. The blackbird, The shoebox and the good tree.

‘Great adventures can start small. Even as small as a sweet. Help yourself to an adventure’

I, personally, loved this book and finished it within a day, which isn’t unusual for me but I honestly could not put this book down. I was turning page after page after page, desperate to know Evie’s secrets and to find out what was weighing her soul down so much.

While reading, it really did feel like it had a ‘Carrie’ touch to it. With the language used and the sentences within the book, I could hear Carrie in my head saying them, and whilst reading, I would often say to myself ‘That is definitely something that Carrie would say!’, which was one of my favourite things about the book because I love it, when you read a book and can feel the authors personal touch on the story.

‘No, I won’t be hopeless. I am full of hope. I’m a hopeful.’

Within books, we very rarely see LGBT+ characters unless they are the protagonist, and even then, they are usually just homosexual, however in this book, there are three characters, one main and two supporting characters, that fall under the LGBT+ umbrella, being bisexual, pansexual and gay. What I also loved was that Carrie actually had the pansexual character in the book, explain what it is, which is a really good idea because it also educates those who are reading the book, what pansexuality actually is.


‘When you eat a chocolate bar, sure, the wrapper might be pretty, full of bold colours and fancy details.. But ultimately, what do you care about? The wrapper? Or what’s inside the wrapper?’

I don’t want to give too much away, but what I do want to say, is that I think Vincent and Evie’s love story is beautiful. Like I have mentioned before, it’s a love story like no other and it had me laughing at some parts and crying at others. It’s a story of love, loyalty and family.

I truly recommend this book to anyone. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love this book!
Sophia x


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