Billy and Me – Review

I’m not going to lie, I was hesitant to read this book at first, thinking that it was just another popstar’s wife trying to make a career off of the back of her husband but let me tell you, Giovanna Fletcher is perhaps one of the most genuine people out there and this book has certainly made it into my favourite books list!

Billy and Me16112830 is about a young girl, Sophie May, who dreams of a life of travelling and seeing the world, but her unfortunate reality is that, she lives in a tiny village in Kent and works in a tea shop on top of the hill, but what would a novel be if this didn’t change? Cue, Billy Buskin. A talented, gorgeous young actor, hoping to reach the top of the acting world, who is playing the lead role in a film, in which the tiny village in Kent is the main set. However, when he strolls into the tea shop one day, only to have Sophie to serve him tea, she has no idea who he is, and has absolutely no idea how her life is about to change, and how she’s about to be thrown headfirst into the world of showbiz.


I took this book on holiday with me, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I finished this book in two days straight. It was a book that I could not put down, I simply wanted to read page after page after page and see what else happens next in Sophie’s life. As well as this, during the book, it is revealed that Sophie has a secret that she is keeping, and this also kept me turning the pages. I wanted to find out what this secret was, and would she tell Billy? And how would he react?

You can really tell how much love and care, Giovanna put into each and every character, from Sophie, right down to the the individuals that enter the shop for a slice of cake a cup of tea. She gives each of them a sparkling personality that just makes you fall in love with every page.

Although this book is titled ‘Billy and Me’, my favourite thing about the book was the relationship that Sophie has with Molly, the owner of the tea shop. They’re more like best friends rather than colleagues, and Molly seemingly treats Sophie like a surrogate daughter, and you can truly see how much Sophie means to her and how much each of them value their friendship with each other, and s
o, when something happens to Molly at the end of the book, I think it’s sab2e4ba3d8c31e5499ed22cf7ae885b01.jpgfe to say that I didn’t a dry eye at all.

Moving on from this, and back to Sophie and Billy, I think each and every one of us has wanted to date a famous person and wondered what it would be like whilst also wondering the harsh truth.. would we be able to cope it? I feel like this book has a personal element in it, in regards to Giovanna’s relationship with boyband member, Tom Fletcher, due to the fact that she has some experience of being thrown into the limelight, making me think that is Sophie just a character, who is she more of a self-tribute, based on Giovanna herself?

I loved this book. The characters are so personal and the settings are easily imaginable in the mind. Giovanna Fletcher is a very talented author, and I love her writing stype,  I will most definitely be reading the next book in the ‘Billy and Me’ series, titled Always with Love, so keep your eyes peeled for that review!

Sophia x


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