Girl Heart Girl – Lucy Sutcliffe

A few years ago, when I was struggling to come to terms with myself, I was trying to figure out a way to give myself some comfort, and so, I brought up YouTube on my IPod and tapped in ‘Coming out’ in the search bar. I was greeted by a huge range of results, as you’d imagine, however one took my eye. It was titled ‘Lucy: My Coming Out Story’ so I clicked on the link and watched the video from start to finish. I was hooked on this girl. Everything she said in the video, explained exactly how I was feeling in that moment. She got it in one and I had never felt more understood than when I was watching that video and so I scrolled down to see the channel name and was greeted with the words ‘Kaelyn and Lucy’. I obviously knew who this ‘Lucy’ girl was, as I’d just watched her in a video but I wasn’t entirely sure who on earth ‘Kaelyn’ was, but I was interested in finding out more so I spent that afternoon watching video after video after video.

For the next 3 years, these two girls became my escape from reality. Whenever I was feeling down, I would curl up and watch one of their videos and be taken away from whatever was bothering me. For the 23 minutes or so that the video was on, I was happy and that was enough. No one understood how much these girls meant to be though and how much they made me feel less alone and more.. normal, I guess the word is. Because they’re a long distance couple, they’d have a countdown for when Lucy would travel to the U.S.A. from the U.K. to see Kaelyn, and vice versa, and so, whenever I skipped into school screaming ’10 days until Kaelyn comes to the UK!’, my then-girlfriend, used to look at me like I’d lost the plot, until it got to the point where all I’d have to say is  something along the lines of ‘1 month and 3 days’ and she’d know exactly what I was talking about.

For the past 2 years, Lucy has been hinting at a ‘secret project’, and of course, as you can imagine, a num51NWcux1EHLber of her and Kaelyn’s viewers were beside themselves when it was first mentioned, trying to figure out what it was, as Lucy left us with little to no indication of what it was. Personally, as Lucy was a film student at Plymo
uth University, I was convinced that it was perhaps a film that she had created, so when I was looking through my YouTube subscription box and saw a video that Lucy had uploaded titled ‘HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT’, I was so so hoping that it wasn’t clickbait, but I clicked on it anyway, and finally, Lucy was able to tell us what this big project is, that she had had to keep a secret for 2 years years. She has been writing a book!

I know what you’re thinking, all youtubers write books now right? It’s sort of become a thing.. but this book is different. Not only is it a memoir of Lucy’s life and how she met Kaelyn, but a sort of help guide, if you will, for young adults who need a way to make themselves feel more ‘normal’, I guess is the only way I can describe it. I needed a book like this growing up, and I’m sure that many young adults will appreciate this, as well as avid viewers of the girls, who have been following their love journey for years. As soon as I watched the video, I headed straight over to and pre-ordered the book. It’s something that I can’t wait to get my hands on, and I’m most likely going to read in one whole sitting!

Well done with how far you’ve come Lucy, and thank you so much for everything.

Sophia x


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