Bisexual Media Representation

Sexuality is not one line. In fact, its more of a non linear line from heterosexual all the way to homosexual, however along that line are a number of different sexualities, ranging from asexual, to polysexual, to pansexual, however, the one that I wanted to write about is bisexuality.

Personally, I feel that bisexuality doesn’t get enough coverage in the media, or in the LGBT+ community, and the little coverage that it does get, isn’t perhaps tumblr_o7ohbsA7f81v5abwuo1_400 (1).gifall that supportive. Don’t get me wrong, some coverage of it, is fantastic and it’s beginning to get a lot more supportive but there are still times when different types of media paint bisexuality in a bad light. However, the fact that many people are now coming out as bisexual is fantastic because it means that they feel comfortable to do so, such as Dodie Clark, who is a youtuber, and recently put a video on her channel explaining her experiences with it and how she came to figure this out, and personally, I think that it’s brilliant that a number of people who are in the public eye are coming out as bisexual, or who are already out.

Another thing that I also think is fantastic is the fact that the portrayal of bisexual characters is beginning to come more into play in television series, whereas before, even the mere thought of a homosexual character in a television show.. well.. that was a very rare prospect whereas now, the use of bisexual characters are beginning be more frequent for example, Brittany S. Pierce, a character in the hit show GLEE, in case any of you have beetumblr_niaw0sBKmb1sts28ko1_400.gifn living under a rock!, had serious relationships with men, and often described herself as ‘bicurious’ in the early seasons, however, near the end of the series, she marries her female best friend and says that she is comfortable dating both men and women. What I love about Brittany’s story, is that throughout the series, the viewers are able to witness Brittany coming to terms with this and the struggles she had to go through and I feel like that helped a lot of teenagers going through the same thing to feel less alone and perhaps feel that these feelings that they experiencing to be normal, which they completely are.

The representation of bisexuality in the media is becoming more and more popular and that makes me extremely happy. The next step is for it to become more frequent, and for different sexualities to be shown in the media, such as film and television, without a huge fuss being made of it. Maybe one this, this dream will become a simple reality.

Sophia x


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