Book Review: A Work In Progress

I’ve never really been drawn to autobiographies that youtubers put out there but for some particular reason, I was completely drawn to wanting to read this book as soon as I saw my friend reading it on the train, on the way back from London. It had been a gift from his boyfriend and he suggested that I should read it, so after searching high and low, I finally decided to simply purchase the book on my kindle.

A Work In Progress is a book by YoConnor-Franta-A-Work-in-ProgressuTuber and self proclaimed photographer, Connor Franta in which he talks about his life and we can relate to his experiences growing up. In doing so, we bring in tiny details to the anecdotes so that you feel as though you experienced the events alongside him. The book itself reminisces on how it felt as a child and adolescent to find and learn new things and interests.

Throughout the book, you can really feel Connor’s presence in it. His sense of humour is splashed across every page and he shows that he isn’t afraid to do the one thing that so many people find frightening. Making fun of himself!

Each page is also graced with his talent to take beautiful pictures. They correspond with the stories that he tells, and it’s almost like the photographs they has taken, should be on an Instagram feed of theit own, in fact, I highly recommend that you do have a look at Connor’s Instagram feed as it is simply captivating.

A Work In Progress will take you through the journey of a young adult and helps to teach you to find motivation in every page and to be a better you.

I highly recommend this book for absolutely anyone.

Sophia x


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