Imagine having a high IQ, but next to no social skills. Where, when you are put in a social situation, you feel like a person with dyslexia being forced to read War and Peace.

Society’s social dynamics make no sense whatsoever and you hurt peoples feelings without realising it but they think you do it on purpose when you really cannot help it.

It’s practically impossible to fit in. It’s hard to make friends let alone keep them and you’re just actively avoided by almost everyone at your school. You’re avoided at school because there’s something moderately ‘odd’ about you.

The feeling of empathy is almost absent from your brain so in order to make up for this and in order to try and fit in as a ‘decent’ human being, you have to try and sympathise with people but this takes up so much energy in your mind, more than it does for a ‘normal’ person.

Sensory filters don’t work as well as ‘normal’ peoples do. Bright lights, background noise, and even the slightest thing can send you in a complete meltdown, which can only be described as a massive panic attack.

During a meltdown, everything in your head just burns out, until you are left with nothing but rage, anxiety and everything else that comes along with a meltdown. You just want to shout and scream and cry and just hide away from the entire world until it’s over.

You end up hurting yourself.. a lot. Because your brain doesn’t receive the messages from the pain receptors properly and the brain doesn’t listen to the pain receptors.

You’re prevented from getting even a good nights sleep because your brain wants to know every tiny detail of the smallest thing meaning that, because you have no sleep, it makes education an absolute nightmare.

You have one or more special interests. Whether that be Doctor Who, Harry Potter or dinosaurs. That one special interest means a lot to you and it makes you feel less alone. When you’re in that world, you’re not you any more. For the duration of the time that you’re in that world, you’re someone else and you’re happy.

People don’t understand that Aspergers Syndrome isn’t a disability on it’s own. People with Aspergers Syndrome also have many corresponding disabilities that work along side it. Such as, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Bipolar etc. and as well as this, they have a high chance of developing chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia. As if this isnt enough, they also have some of the highest recorded levels of drug abuse, mental illness, self harm and suicide rates in the entire world.

It’s an extremely serious mental condition and the girl who’s sat at the back of the classroom with her headphones in, isn’t as happy as she seems. She may be in a really dark and lonely place, and she may just need a friend.



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