It’s About Time We All Looked Up

Have you ever come to notice, that your friends lives on social media, seem much more exciting and than they actually are?

That’s because, these sites and these apps enable us to choose different and impressive filters for our lives, therefore, making mediocre boring lives seem exceptional and much more exciting than what they really are.

In quite a lot of ways, the internet has become a shield. It’s a barrier between us and the real life that surrounds us. Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook at a family dinner, Tweeting what a brilliant time you’re having with your friends, or posting a picture of your food from the dinner table and putting it on instagram, you’re bypassing real life interaction for a much easier alternative.

Children are now growing up in a world where they don’t play outside or they don’t communicate with their peers face to face. They’re growing up in a world where colouring in is an app on an iPad, and playing with their friends is inserting a disk into a games console, and picking up a controller.

When I was a child, I’d never be home. I’d be at the park, I’d have mud skimmed knees, and I’d come home with brown trainers that were once white, with a massive smile on my face, knowing that I’d had such a good time.

Now, when I walk by those same places that I used to play as a child, the swing set stands still. The slide is lonely and an uncomfortable silence in the air surrounds me where it should be filled with children’s laughter.

It’s about time we all looked up from these blocks of technology that we are no consumed in and just took a trip outside. Have a picnic in the park with our friends, without having to ‘check in’ on Facebook, post a picture on instagram, or take 100 seconds worth of Snapchats.

It’s about time we all looked up.


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