Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,

I hope when your child says ‘I don’t want to go to school today’ you hear her. I hope you notice the way her words cut through the air like she is pronouncing them with such heft, than they cannot be supported by her own breath. I hope you do not answer her by telling her , ‘You stayed up late, that’s why your tired’. I hope you don’t leave the house, throwing a ‘feel better’ over your shoulder. I hope you push her hair away from her face, look into eyes, and take her into your arms.

Dear Parents,

I hope you notice when your sons shoulders begin to cave together, his skin grows pale, and his lunch box stay full. I hope you don’t tell your son that depression, and anorexia only happens to girls, and I hope you don’t tell him to ‘man up’. I hope you take him to therapy, take him to see a doctor, and get him some sort of help. When your daughter starts kissing her skin with blades, I hope you sit down with her, sleeves rolled up, your own scars showing, and let her know that you once stood where she stands now. I hope you tell her all of the stories that she was once too young to know, and I hope you make sure she knows that she is not alone.

Dear Parents,

When your son finds his own way into your make up drawer, and says that he prefers to use opposing pro-nouns, I hope you tell her that she looks absolutely fantastic in that dress, and ask her what she’d like for dinner. When your daughter brings home her first girlfriend, I hope you welcome them both with open arms and take them both out for dinner.

Dear Parents,

Your children are an extension of you. I hope you love them, regardless of what their paths may lead to.

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