A Letter to the Broken Hearted

I’m not the best at speaking words, but I would say that I’m a lot better at writing things down, so here I am, writing everything down. In hope that she may see it, and if not, then it may help someone else, so without further or do, here’s a letter to the broken hearted.

I know how much you’re hurting right now. I understand. I understand the pain that is taking over your heart every time the memories enter your brain. I understand how much it hurts to wake up in the morning to silence. I understand how much it hurts to lose someone that you thought would be in your life for a longer time than they actually were but while I understand all of that, I also understand that you need to know a few things, whether you want to hear them or not.

The pain that you feel now is not temporary. I mean, yeah, you will always remember them and the memories that you shared, but one day, you will finally be able to look back on these memories, and no longer cry, no longer feel pain in your heart. You will look back on these memories one day, and smile.You will smile at the lessons that this relationship taught you in life, and the lessons that you learnt to take into your next relationship, but most importantly, you will smile at the fact that you can finally look back at these memories and not want to curl up into a ball and shed tear after tear.

Remember to look after yourself. It’s okay to feel broken, it’s okay to cry, especially when you have lost someone so important to you for whatever reason, but always remember to look after yourself. Take a bath, put some music on and relax. Do some homework to take your mind off of it. Go for a walk and take your camera.. do whatever makes you happy, but whatever you do, remember to look after yourself, and your mental health because you and your mental health are two of the most important things.

You are not alone. I know that you feel alone but you aren’t. You are surrounded by a family who just wants to see their loved one happy and smiling again, You are surrounded by friends who love you, and who just want to see the tears of joy and laughter rather than tears of sadness. You are not alone, no matter how much you feel that you are.

Some can’t even begin to imagine what you go through day after day, fighting as hard as you can. Some can’t even begin to imagine how strong you are, but that’s what happens when you are forced to fight alone. But you can’t even begin to imagine how proud I am of you, for staying strong. For fighting when you felt that you couldn’t go on, because one day, the heartache war will all end. I promise.

Just remember than you matter. You matter, and you are so so loved, even though you don’t feel like you are.

Sophia x


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