We Need To Start Dating Again.. Properly.

I think it’s safe to say that our generation is fairly rubbish when it comes to dating. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I feel like the way dating was before technology was so much better than what it is now.

‘I’ll pick you up at 8’ has turned into arriving half an hour late, or just saying ‘I’ll meet you there’. Walking up to the front door and meeting the parents has turned into a text of just ‘I’m here’. Instagram and Facebook ‘likes’ have become forms of flirting and a ‘like’ is way more common that a compliment, face to face. Dates have evolved from going out for dinner and perhaps playing a game of mini golf, or doing anything thoughtful or romantic, to watching a film on Netflix and ordering a takeaway.

It mostly feels like these days, no one is actually dating anymore. Everyone is just ‘talking’ or ‘has a thing with someone’. No one wants the commitment of a real relationship, but they don’t want to be alone. A boy most likely won’t take the girl he’s ‘talking to’ on a real date but when he sees that her best friend who is a boy, likes her picture on Instagram, he gets mad. A girl won’t commit to the guy she ‘has a thing’ with but she freaks out when a girl comments on his picture on Facebook.

I’m not entirely sure when all these things became acceptable to substitute proper conversations or dates, but it needs to change.

As a generation, we should bring back proper dating. Instead of commenting ‘You look lovely’ on an Instagram post of that person you’ve taken a fancy to, why not ask them out on a proper date? It’s scary. I won’t sugar coat it. Asking someone out on a date is scary and you will have to deal with the fear of being rejected but there are worse things in life. It’s not the end of the world.

I’m not telling you all to go out and ask out every single person you’ve ever liked on Instagram. I’m not telling you to make these dates extremely planned out and proper. I’m telling that there is absolutely nothing to lose. If you think the person you work with is cute, ask them for a drink sometime. Instead of Snapchatting them constantly, go and get ice-cream. Ask the person that you’ve always wanted to talk to, to hang out and get to know them better. It doesn’t matter if it’s awkward, you’re doing better than most of us who are sat at home with Jeremy Kyle on in the background while Snapchatting the person we’re ‘talking to’ and who knows what might happen? That drink you ask your co-worker for, may be the beginning of a fantastic relationship.

Life is too short.



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